The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals. Typical grant amounts range from $5,000 to $30,000. The trustees of the Foundation meet twice a year: in the spring and in the fall.

If your organization is invited to submit a proposal please include all of the following information in an email to or mail it to the McMillan-Stewart Foundation, PO Box 380209, Cambridge MA 02238.

• A cover letter containing the amount of your grant request, a statement of what the grant is for, and your contact information.

• A 3–5 page proposal which includes a brief description of your organization and its accomplishments; an outline of what you intend to do with the funds and how you will do it; expected outcomes for the year of the grant; current foundation support and other foundations from which you are seeking funds.

• An organizational budget and budget for the proposed project. Also include the salaries of your three highest paid employees.

• A copy of your IRS determination letter and Federal Employer Identification Number (your tax ID#).

If your organization receives a grant from the McMillan-Stewart Foundation, you will be asked to submit a report on how the funds were used within a year.

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